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David Telling founded Australian Flightcraft in 1969. This world approved and highly coveted range of boats was subsequently sold to Malibu Boats in 1989 where he was the director of sales and marketing until 1992. He was also the plant manager with Calabria boats for the last 3 years. The ZR6 is a compilation of 37 years of experience in hull design, manufacturing and ingenuity evolved throughdirect participation in the water sports industry.

The Wakecraft ZR6 was designed to fulfill a niche within the V-Drive, wakeboard market place which is a fast, fun to drive, performance orientated boat, while keeping all of the important characteristics one would expect from a leading wakeboard boat manufacturer. Until now, boat owners are continually reminded that their wakeboarding boat have only a top speed of 43 mph as they are passedby PWC’s.

The ZR6 has a top speed of 47 mph combining good looks, speed and performance with this revolutionary new reverse Delta design to initiate the advanced hydro thrust wake which is complimented with 1,650 lbs of ballast (2 tanks) and wake fine tuning is accomplished with the Lenco Trim-amatic, this variable symmetrical wake is suitable for all facets of water sports including surfers, wake boarders, wakeskaters, slalom, and bare footing without spray or a rooster tail. An added safety feature is the dual throat stainless steel side-exhaust system by Corsair, which disperses CO2 out the side.

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The new Wakecraft ZR8 24 ft with it's revolutionary Hydro Thrust System (patent pending), the Wakecraft ZR8 fully loaded takes the competitive crossover boat to a whole new level.

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David Telling
CEO / Founder
Wakecraft Boats early Founder of FlightCraft Boats in the year 1969, David Telling's 12-employee, $3.8 million boat-building business, is holding its own, though Telling worries that business might stall if he fails to keep up with design trends and innovations. For the past 40 year's the native Australian. If we can meet the needs of our new distributor and take advantage of the market when the economy recovers.
E. Gabriel Roman
International Sales Director
Working in the Marine Industry since 1986.
Jeffrey Way
Web and Marketing
Working in the Marine Industry since 1996.
John Barton
Market & After Sales
Working in the Marine Industry since 1992.

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